Comsplay Scam

  • Cosplaying Scams to Watch Out For

    Those who cosplay need to be careful about the many scams out there that target them. It may seem like you are living your dream when you can dress up as your favorite character and be paid for it, but until the money is in hand, you need to watch out for scammers.

    There are many stories of cosplayers who were told by a “business” that they have just the kind of talent they are looking for. That’s something everyone wants to hear, and that’s how these scammers will draw you in. They make promises of money and fame, but if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

    Cosplayers need to be especially careful of going alone with anyone they don’t know. Any time you visit a convention in full cosplay garb, you should have someone with you to help watch your back. If you don’t, you could be taken advantage of. Whenever someone says they want to have a business meeting with you about your cosplay and your future in the industry, make sure to bring your friend or friends along. If they say it’s a private meeting, then it’s probably not about cosplay at all.

    Be aware of who you are with, what they are trying to get you to do and make sure you are prepared to say “no” if you feel uncomfortable or things get out of hand. Some money simply isn’t worth the damage that can be done to you by a scammer.