Drawbacks of using after market car parts

  • Drawbacks of using after market car parts

    The aftermarket is a fast growing industry. The car spare parts you get from these markets are known as after market car parts. These parts are not manufactured by the original manufacturer of the car. The original parts from the manufacturer are called OEM parts. There are some drawbacks for using the aftermarket parts.

    The after market car parts are manufactured by third party companies claiming that they will function like the OEM parts. However, this does not happen most times because only the Original Equipment Manufacturer knows about the minute details of the parts. Another problem is that you get more than one company to select from so you cannot be sure about the quality even though they do not cost the same as OEM parts. But if you are buying the OEM part you can rest assured that the part will perfectly fit your vehicle.

    The main drawback of using non-OEM parts is that the car manufacturer will not honor the warranty if you use aftermarket parts. This will be a huge problem if you want to buy an OEM part later. Not only that, if you are taking your car to a repairing shop for a collision repair you will not be getting the correct fitting parts because an ordinary repairing procedure and collision repair is entirely different. Insurance companies also insist on using the OEM products or else you will not be able to claim in the future. If you use aftermarket parts it will decrease the resale value of your car.