Here goes the pros and cons of Manga style comics

  • Here goes the pros and cons of Manga style comics


    • The manga comics are great, You’re sure to caught up with the story
    • As stories, both boys’ and girls’ manga show ways in which treating other people will or will not work, how to think critically about people and situations.
    • Series can run for many years due to weekly or monthly releases. You can and will read a single manga series for multiple years as it is still published.
    • The art in Manga is superior to any other. The pictures are pretty and attractive
    • You get the actual story that the creator wanted to tell you.


    • The creator has a deadline to meet and feels rushed, so the art might suffer from this.
    • The creator can get tired of working on the manga and can rush through the story or never finish it.
    • Sometimes, the intense fight scenes are hard to see and figure out what’s going on.
    • Many manga are either Never picked up by a scanlation group or Dropped by a scanlation group and probably never to be picked up again
    • Sometimes the manga are too pornographic.
    • You could spend a ton of money on manga whereas it could be spent on other things that might be necessary to life 

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