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  • Inspire cosmetics Sydney

    welcome to worldwide news with virb.. Today subject is certainly little different from the last one today subject is cosmetic surgery the pros and cons were going abroad.

    I have a friend just travelling to Sydney for breast augmentation surgery so I thought I would start off by doing a little prose argument and in a few days to another article on the cons argument and see which one comes out on top.

    1, the sun - obviously this is the main attraction after surgery people can then go and recover him nice bright sunshine rather than dreary rain that you would get a UK.

    2, the feeling of excitement - everyone knows there is a feeling of excitement associated with going on holiday so why not double up with adding surgery as well.

    3, the cost- most the time you’ll find going abroad for any surgical procedure works out to be cheaper, obviously this depends on where you go but nine times out of 10 this tends to be true.

    4, nobody knows you - this is another park for a lot of executives but has no chance of bumping into Alice from the office Ted from accounting.

    5, It’s a Secret – shhh it’s a secret well another major factor is you have time to heal before going back to work or your normal life, so people won’t know that you’ve been abroad to have surgery.  Visit inspire cosmetics for more.