What are the kinds of websites

  • What are the kinds of websites

    Website design may seem to look like it is cut and dried but it is not so at all. These Website design vary so differently when it comes to functionality, style, features offered, the layout as well as the way the content needs to flow, the videos which need to be incorporated, graphics and animation too.

    Based on the complexity of the business and the size of the business, the Website design can be classified into :

    a) Ecommerce websites – these are used by those businesses which sell goods or have an online shop or sell their online services. These websites again range from integrating the website with Paypal or some similar site or selling of items on the shop where the checkout is handled by paypal or similar sites as well as the management of stock processes and even self contained and large shops where credit card payments can be accepted for hundreds of items through Website Development codes.

    b) There are content management websites where updates and changes need to be made frequently and this is used by people who want control over the website. This can be simple like adding of items to newspages or galleries of images or it can be huge complex projects too.

    c)   Dynamic website design allows for complex functions to be done and complex data to be displayed as well as interactive content. This requires a lot of initial work.

    d) Static websites are those that do not have functionality at the server side. These do not have databases and even interactive content.